Wednesday, 11 May 2011

strange days in Egypt

Just to assure anyone who may be interested - I have been working spasmodically since my last post - mainly on 'when was NOW2'. This has become a larger project than originally envisaged and most recently involved me shooting some nice high def video in Egypt, from where I have just returned. It's a longer story than i might wish to explain here - but, suffice to say, the final video will include elements of me from 30years ago, right up to the day of my last birthday (which happened to be the Royal Wedding)... and the days leading up to the assassination of osama bin laden. I am finding it hard to find a point at which to conclude this piece as it is so tied into both personal and 'world view' events and these just keep rolling on - but I feel I am now near to completion and ready for an interesting edit.

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