Saturday, 12 September 2015

Between Art & Commerce

Occasionally a project pops up that straddles the artistic and the commercial. I have been commissioned to make a series of video pieces (plus some photography) to showcase the 250 million pound development that is Newcastle’s Science Central. The client wants a number of short, social media friendly videos, which they can use to promote the ethos of the development, which is centered around developing new ways of approaching urban sustainability.
What is so appealing from my point of view is that it appears I got the job not so much because of my commercial track record, but particularly because of my art practice. It is refreshing to have a client who trusts enough to let me run with whatever direction I see open up. It fits so well with the way I work, typically letting the subject reveal itself, rather than imposing a pre-planned narrative.
It also encompasses a central concern in my work – people and the places they make and inhabit. It’s great that they want me to work in this way, and I know it can only reflect really positively back onto them.
In reality though, this project does need to act as a promotional device for them so I am aware that a different set of agendas inevitably need to be considered too. I am under no illusion. I am not making an artwork as such, but am adapting my working methods to make something that has ‘independent’ values. So I will blow the trumpet for Science Central, but I will also hopefully make them something a bit special. It may not be ‘art’ as such but it will be artfully artisan.
The video link below features artist Victoria Bradbury - I filmed her at the CORE (currently the sites flagship building) and used her piece to showcase an artist's use of the space...(be sure to click the HD icon for best playback quality)

View the events space at the CORE >

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