Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Dementia Project (working title)

As I have recently launched a new website that profiles some of my work - from now on, this space will be used more as a true blogging update.

So... my latest project involves working with a couple of groups whose participants have varying degrees of dementia. The idea is to continue my concerns with narrative structure and what constitutes 'truth' or otherwise, but to develop this with the groups.

I am collaborating with Mike Jones, a group facilitator with a lot of experience in this field. At the moment we are trialing a few ideas and hope to secure funding for a pilot project. The participants thus far seem very keen to work in this way and feedback suggests they are getting positive effects from our work. Ultimately I want to produce a piece which is of major gallery significance - a work which will also raise the profile of people who it is very easy to forget (and I use that word consciously in this context!)

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