Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Large Format work

When I first started this particular strand of my work it was after a considerable break from what I would regard as 'fine art' practice i.e. work that entirely follows my own agenda. I have for many years now worked as a commercial designer and director/photographer in order to fund other projects.

The pieces you can see here are the result of that agenda. I feel there is little point in spending time making this stuff unless it is important... and for me importance means addressing the larger issues of life... the nature of existence, the nature of time, what it means to be given a toolbox where the nature of the machine is uncertainty. I am making work that offers no answers, but which is a least considering the questions, and I find that for me at least, there is often a worthwhile result. The sum total of this approach means that I make work that is bigger than any single idea or approach I might have... the best result being that its completion goes some way to explaining to me why I made it in the first place.

These pieces are made from multiple digital shots, composited to make the whole. They are not scaled up, but print full size at full resolution. It can, for example take 30 shots to make a sky, and a comparable amount for the landscape below. Sizes vary but are typically 6 - 10 feet in one direction.

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