Tuesday, 6 October 2009

This is NOW

28 years is my latest piece - taking as its starting point, source material from a video I produced in 1981. Originally titled When was NOW? - the new version poses a question comprising 28 characters to 28 interviewees. Each person represents the year they were born. This is obviously going to lead to some interesting interpretations of the question as the age of the participants gets younger. I anticipate a fracturing of response of course, but am hoping for some gems of perception along the way and feel the process should generate some complex cross overs.
As this is currently in production I can't reveal the question, but suffice to say it has an internal relevance to the overall piece and my role within it. Watch this space.
The irony is not lost on me (being that this piece is concerned with the manipulation of linear time).. but I have to admit to not getting as far with the project thus far as I would have liked. Currently I have a bowl of chocolate letters in the fridge which are supposed to be picked by the participants - but I am now concerned that they are probably mouldy and that I can't use them. There is a certain Duchampian element here though (think the cracked Great Glass) that is urging me to accept that as part of the work...maybe

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