Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The Dog Ate My Wheelchair... a multi-screen video piece that I've been working on with 6 participants who identify as ‘disabled’ or ‘different’ as a result of mental and/or physical health impairments. Disability North have acted as project facilitator.

It comprises 4 screens placed around the centre of Newcastle - one in a shop window, one in a bus station and two in the central library. All the videos are now mastered and I'm currently arranging the installations, along with window vinyls.

The idea is that the piece offers glimpses into the lives of others and, being away from the gallery context, it is more embedded in the city and so should be seen by a wider demographic. It is part of the art trail for the Great Exhibition of the North (who have part funded it). We launch on 1st Aug so fingers crossed it all goes to plan! More on this once the project goes live.

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