Wednesday, 17 July 2019


100 pieces of heritage paper spanning over 100 years, have been given to 100 artists to create a piece of work. I have been invited by to make a work that relates to a piece of paper from 1991.

Towards the close of '91, one rather large event dominates - namely, the dissolution of the Soviet Union. I decided to divide the paper into 15 pieces and send a piece to each of the 15 union republics of the former Soviet Union, attached to an explanatory letter. The form of the final piece will depend on whether I receive a response from all or any of the republics. I have not yet decided if it will be audio visual or more physical in presentation.

"There are many things I could have done with this fragment of paper – but in the end I decided to look outwards, to give it away, in much the same spirit as it has been given to me. This act reflects the use of paper as a vehicle for communication across the preceding centuries.
It is a small gesture, and one which has no overt ‘political’ intent. It is simply a token of good will towards you and all the citizens of your country."
(extract from the covering letter)

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

New Fable, New Year...

As political turmoil continues in the UK, perhaps you might like to read my cautionary prose - published on New Year's Day in the Independent. Bottom of the page titled 'Rabbit takes a trip' >>

Thursday, 10 January 2019

Neither Use Nor Ornament

Working towards the 'Neither Use Nor Ornament' group exhibition at Oxfordshire Visual Arts Development Agency in Oxford (OVADA) - opening 30th March 2019.
My piece includes a re-imagining of a Victor Burgin poster from 1976 which I reference in a series of seven posters, plus an imagined heath centre made from cardboard. All will become clear if you make it down to the show.
This installation is a collaboration with psychotherapist Dave Edwards and takes as its subject matter a street in the west end of Newcastle which we both formerly lived in.
Caroline Street

Friday, 28 September 2018

The Great Exhibition is dead...long live the video

The Dog Ate my Wheelchair is now no longer on the streets of Newcastle, but can be found online if you care to take a look. Here is my favourite >>
I will be adding more into the main site shortly.
My blog on the AN site is also here >>
if you care to get my take on how the piece developed, including some of the challenges we faced.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The Dog Ate My Wheelchair... a multi-screen video piece that I've been working on with 6 participants who identify as ‘disabled’ or ‘different’ as a result of mental and/or physical health impairments. Disability North have acted as project facilitator.

It comprises 4 screens placed around the centre of Newcastle - one in a shop window, one in a bus station and two in the central library. All the videos are now mastered and I'm currently arranging the installations, along with window vinyls.

The idea is that the piece offers glimpses into the lives of others and, being away from the gallery context, it is more embedded in the city and so should be seen by a wider demographic. It is part of the art trail for the Great Exhibition of the North (who have part funded it). We launch on 1st Aug so fingers crossed it all goes to plan! More on this once the project goes live.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

And so it begins...

I am using some photos I took in 1977 as the starting point for research around the Caroline Street Project. During the process of finding out where my young subjects are now, I was approached by Newcastle's Evening Chronicle to see if I needed any assistance. As it turns out that was very helpful, gleaning some public profile for this new work and engaging quite a few people from the area.
See the article here >>

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

BLUE Gillette

This one has risen to the top of the 'pieces I must write' pile, and the Museum of Object Research is just the place for it. It is a belated confession. Hope you enjoy. Read it here >>

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Future thoughts

Following on from last years effort at the turn of the year - I thought I would give it another go.
Top of the page this time... my little ditty calling for a little bit of love and understanding this coming year.
Thanks again to the Independent for putting it out there for me - take a peek here >>

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Corners of Europe Project

Mobile Radio: Stories of Blackhall
I was recently asked by ISIS arts to make short videos to capture the essence of three projects they have developed, together with East Durham Creates, in ex mining villages on the North East coast.

Shot run and gun, it was a real joy to film and talk to artists from various parts of Europe who had come together to make this happen.

Three artistic collaborations produced a radio program broadcast live from Blackhall community centre, a walking tour of Shotton and a whole events day featuring games especially devised for Horden, staged in the Horden Welfare Park.

The links above take you to the videos.

Friday, 3 November 2017

New site: Museum for Object Research goes LIVE

“Some museums live in our cupboards and imaginations, awaiting their moment of arrival”

A small group of artists who use objects as an element of their practice came together a while ago and began sharing and discussing their work on the AN website.

Artist Sonia Boué was the facilitator and I, along with Sonia and another 6 artists, shared our common interest. Add to this my friend and collaborator Dave Edwards, and you have the group.

So - with the assistance of Arts Council England funding, a new website is born. It is hoped this will act as the first initiative in a more public profile - leading to group shows and public discussion. Visit it here:

Monday, 4 September 2017

SCULPTORVOX...Real Paper Print

It's nice when something is actually printed these days rather than just being online. I am very happy to say that the very first numbered, limited edition print run of the magazine Sculptorvox is available for pre-order. It includes an article considering my Caroline Street collaboration with psychotherapist Dave Edwards, putting it into the context of my past and present work. 

This edition is themed around the concept of 'The Geometry of Nothing' so it's a neat conceptual fit with my preference for using a state of 'nothingness' as an entry point to further examination.

You can pre-order HERE>>

Please support the mag if you can as it's the first of a groundbreaking publication, and you can say you were there at the very beginning of something out of nothing!

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Unity Laurie and 'Me'

I have begun another piece - one that looks at how three forms of representation have travelled through time with the people they represent.

First there is the daughter of 20th Century painter Sir Stanley Spencer (Unity Spencer) and the doll that she was painted holding at the age of seven. Then there is a young man (Laurie Spacie) who, at the age of four, was imagined in pastels by his step father as an older person. He is now somewhere near the age he was imagined. Then there is me. My representation considers a video portrait I made of myself 36 years ago.

It will all make more sense if you read the blog I have begun on the AN website >>

Monday, 6 March 2017

A rather large object

In the mid 70s I lived in a flat in Benwell - one of the poorer areas of Newcastle. It no longer exists, and somewhat in the same vein as my Hartlepool Ballroom installation, it is now a not very well cared for patch of open grassland.

There are plans for a small number of object research based artists to put together a group show and, along with my longtime friend and psychotherapist Dave Edwards, who also lived in this flat, we are planning a piece for this show which considers the flat as an object, a subject for recall and re-examination in the present day.

The area reminds me of a beach.. where all kinds of 'random' objects are deposited. These will be a starting point...

Monday, 9 January 2017

Putting 2016 to rest

Twenty sixteen was not a good year. On a whim I sent a short verse to the Independent - who published it on new year's day on the letters page.

The detail is true - the sentiment is authentically mine - but these few words could never sum up how much of a challenge the changes in this last year present to so many people for the future. My only other thought on the subject is that adversity can perhaps be the generator of positive change.

Read my poem here (it's at the foot of the page) >>

Thursday, 20 October 2016

The Dementia Project (working title)

As I have recently launched a new website that profiles some of my work - from now on, this space will be used more as a true blogging update.

So... my latest project involves working with a couple of groups whose participants have varying degrees of dementia. The idea is to continue my concerns with narrative structure and what constitutes 'truth' or otherwise, but to develop this with the groups.

I am collaborating with Mike Jones, a group facilitator with a lot of experience in this field. At the moment we are trialing a few ideas and hope to secure funding for a pilot project. The participants thus far seem very keen to work in this way and feedback suggests they are getting positive effects from our work. Ultimately I want to produce a piece which is of major gallery significance - a work which will also raise the profile of people who it is very easy to forget (and I use that word consciously in this context!)

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Latest post in the Museum for Object Research - 'Tread Carefully'

Tunisian rug and my left foot
As I increasingly use spaces and objects as entry points in my work, I have also written about them. This post recounts how I came to own a rug made in Tunisia. Objects carry their history with them, which can be either appropriated and/ or reconfigured.
Composing verse allows me to speak with an obviously 'constructed' voice and I'm working on integrating this approach into other media.     read it here >>
Thanks to Sonia Boué for posting it (scroll down from the header)

Friday, 30 October 2015

glass, ether and ethanol

I was one of 5 artists and photographers recently selected by the North East Photography Network, in conjunction with Great North Run Culture, to be taken on a tour behind the scenes of the Discovery Museum’s archive in Newcastle and then to follow up a couple of weeks later with a wet-plate collodian workshop in the wonderful great hall of the museum.  It’s a long time since I got involved with chemicals, having readily gone digital many years ago, so this was quite an experience.

I’m currently developing a piece which involves Newcastle and Malmö in Sweden and, being particularly interested in object research, I already had on my 'object radar' a calculating machine that's in the museum’s collection. It was made in Malmö and is one of a very few objects I could find in the archive to connect the two places.

What interests me is to examine how the nature of the medium so very profoundly colours the way the object is considered. We lit the calculator, I took my collodian exposure (based on advice!) and a few moments later had my head in a rather cramped dark room box (not ideal - but there were issues around using chemicals in a public space). After the mini dark room experience was complete, I set up the same calculating machine on a table nearby and took some digital frames. The resulting comparison suggests so many avenues of critique...not least how we consider ‘the past’ in relation to ‘the present’...which is a central theme in much of my work.

I will be taking part in a discussion around this experience, hosted by NEPN at Sunderland Uni 2nd Dec 6.00-8pm check it out here if you would like to come along >

the actual glass plate

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Between Art & Commerce

Occasionally a project pops up that straddles the artistic and the commercial. I have been commissioned to make a series of video pieces (plus some photography) to showcase the 250 million pound development that is Newcastle’s Science Central. The client wants a number of short, social media friendly videos, which they can use to promote the ethos of the development, which is centered around developing new ways of approaching urban sustainability.
What is so appealing from my point of view is that it appears I got the job not so much because of my commercial track record, but particularly because of my art practice. It is refreshing to have a client who trusts enough to let me run with whatever direction I see open up. It fits so well with the way I work, typically letting the subject reveal itself, rather than imposing a pre-planned narrative.
It also encompasses a central concern in my work – people and the places they make and inhabit. It’s great that they want me to work in this way, and I know it can only reflect really positively back onto them.
In reality though, this project does need to act as a promotional device for them so I am aware that a different set of agendas inevitably need to be considered too. I am under no illusion. I am not making an artwork as such, but am adapting my working methods to make something that has ‘independent’ values. So I will blow the trumpet for Science Central, but I will also hopefully make them something a bit special. It may not be ‘art’ as such but it will be artfully artisan.
The video link below features artist Victoria Bradbury - I filmed her at the CORE (currently the sites flagship building) and used her piece to showcase an artist's use of the space...(be sure to click the HD icon for best playback quality)

View the events space at the CORE >

Friday, 24 April 2015

Hartlepool give my videos another outing

Hartlepool Art Gallery now have a facebook page. They are putting out a series of my videos from the Rink project on there which is nice! (One a week).
There are a few so this one will visit... here >>