Wednesday, 17 July 2019


100 pieces of heritage paper spanning over 100 years, have been given to 100 artists to create a piece of work. I have been invited by to make a work that relates to a piece of paper from 1991.

Towards the close of '91, one rather large event dominates - namely, the dissolution of the Soviet Union. I decided to divide the paper into 15 pieces and send a piece to each of the 15 union republics of the former Soviet Union, attached to an explanatory letter. The form of the final piece will depend on whether I receive a response from all or any of the republics. I have not yet decided if it will be audio visual or more physical in presentation.

"There are many things I could have done with this fragment of paper – but in the end I decided to look outwards, to give it away, in much the same spirit as it has been given to me. This act reflects the use of paper as a vehicle for communication across the preceding centuries.
It is a small gesture, and one which has no overt ‘political’ intent. It is simply a token of good will towards you and all the citizens of your country."
(extract from the covering letter)

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